Picture Title Number Season Number Run Time Original Airdate US Viewers (millions)
The-Knick-capa Method and Madness 1 1 56 min August 8, 2014 1.70[1]
Dr Thackery is Chief Of Medicine in a 1900 New York hospital, The Knickerbocker, battling a cocaine (and opiate) addiction, high mortality rates and bureaucratic corruption to save lives in a world before antibiotics and blood transfusions.
150px Mr. Paris Shoes 2 1 49 min August 15, 2014
Cornelia worries that no one at the hospital takes her seriously but her father assures her she's up to the task. She learns that close friends have been admitted to the hospital with typhoid. Dr. Edwards is living in a rundown hotel but his office is no better - they've put him in the hospital basement.
150px The Busy Flea 3 1 55 min August 22, 2014
An old friend of Thackery's, Abbie Alford, arrives at the hospital seeking his help. She has lost most of her nose as the result of syphilis, which she acquired from her now absent husband. Thackery agrees to perform a skin graft.
150px Where's the Dignity? 4 1 56 min September 5th, 2014
Dr. Edwards is finally invited into the surgical theater but Thackery makes it clear that he's only there to guide Dr. Gallinger through the procedure. Herman Barrow is making money any way he can including selling bodies. Cleary tells Sister Harriet they will be working together from now on and he will be finding her future clients.
150px They Capture the Heat 5 1 48 min September 12th, 2014
Gangster Bunky Collier shows up at the Knick after one of his pimps is shot in the leg. Thackery is called in to perform the surgery and is surprised to find Edwards there at that early hour. Barrow uses the opportunity to get a reduction in what he owes. Edwards is still performing surgeries at night and experiments with silver thread as sutures. He's called to the Robertson home when his mother falls ill.
Start Calling Me Dad 6 1 54 min September 19th, 2014
Having lost yet another patient while performing a Cesarean section, Thackery develops a completely new method to reduce the bleeding and invites Bertie Chickering to help him experiment. Their new method works quite well. The Gallinger's baby is in hospital but declining rapidly. At the funeral, Mrs. Gallinger refuses to accept her daughter's death.
Get the Rope 7 1 43 min September 26th, 2014
A riot breaks out when a police officer is stabbed by a black man defending his wife. The employees of the Knickerbocker fight to protect the lives of blacks injured in the riots.
150px Working Late a Lot 8 1 52 min October 3, 2014
Thackery's affair with Nurse Lucy Elkins continues. Bertie continues to pursue her. There is a shortage of cocaine due to the war in the Philippines and attacks on shipping. It has a detrimental effect of Thackery who goes into withdrawal. Fortunately, Lucy has a small supply but it's insufficient to his needs.
150px The Golden Lotus 9 1 44 min October 10, 2014
The Knick continues its slide into wrack and ruin, instigated by the recent riot and the cocaine shortage. Dr. Thackery is caught in a compromising position and Lucy in her efforts to help him begins her descent into possible hell as well. Dr. Thackery's secret addiction is no longer so secret after he commits an act of desperation.
150px Crutchfield 10 1 58 min October 17, 2014
Thackery's drug habit is catching up with him. He is growing increasingly paranoid as he is unable to perform even when under the drug's influence. When he learns that Dr. Levi Zinberg is studying the properties of blood so that it can be typed and safely transfused, he sets out to find a solution before him.

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